A multipurpose heavy lift helicopter Mi-26 is a third generation helicopter continuing the line of development of heavy lift helicopters, designed for transportation of self-propelled and non self-propelled vehicles and large-size cargo in the cabin and using external load with the total weight of up to 20 tons. Mi-26 is characterized by high operating efficiency and has no analogues in the world as regards its load-lifting capacity.The helicopter is produced using a single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor. Airtight cabins of the crew and of those following the cargo are equipped with a conditioning system. Dimensions of the cargo cabin located in the central part of the fuselage allow transporting various types of vehicles and large-size cargo. For materials-handling mechanization the cargo cabin is equipped with lifting tackles with telphers with the load-lifting capacity up to 5 tons and with two lifting winches.The helicopter is equipped with an airborne television unit with three video-cameras and a video monitoring device that facilitate control over vehicles loading and condition of cargo on the external load while in flight. For loading large-size cargo, there is a system of clearance adjustment provided. Blades of the main and tail rotors are fitted out with an electrothermal antiicing system.Helicopters Mi-26 are equipped with avionics that makes it possible to operate such helicopters in international airlines and perform flights at any time of day in any weather conditions. Due to its construction and equipment, the helicopter can be operated under conditions of autonomous basing on unequipped sites. UTair is a leading airline on whose base the helicopter Mi-26 is being introduced into civil aviation of Russia. UTair pilots operating Mi-26 helicopters have set up a number of world records, many of them still remaining unbroken. 
crew/passengers 5/-
Dimensions (Length/Height/Width),(m)
of the fuselage,(m)35,91/8,145/3,6
of the cabin,(m)12,1/3,2/2,9
diameter of the main rotor,(m)32
number of blades8-mr+5-tr
Weights and Loads,(kg)
maximum take-off weight,(kg)56000
standard take-off weight,(kg)49500
maximum load weight,(kg)20000
fuel load in main tanks,(L)12000
Aircraft Perfomance Characteristics
peak speed,(km/h)295
cruising speed,(km/h)250
static ceiling,(m)1800
maximum operational height,(m)4600
operational range,(km)590
ferry range,(km)1920