A heavy multipurpose helicopter Mi-10K is a dedicated crane-type helicopter. Mi-10K is designed for transportation of large-size cargo both inside the fuselage, and using external load. The helicopter is equipped with hydraulic-powered elevators for lifting containers and vehicles (having compatible grips) from ground; for transportation of small-size cargo there may be a specially designed universal platform hanged between undercarriage legs. There may be a standard assembly of the external rope suspension with the lift capacity of 8 tons mounted on Mi-10K. The helicopter Mi-10K is widely used for assembly of power transmission line supports, of filtration equipment at chemical industry enterprises, for installation of radio relay towers and performance of other construction and assembly works.

Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight38000
maximum load weight11000
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)250
cruising speed,(km/h)220
maximum operational height,(m)3000
operational range,(km)750
ferry range,(km)1920