First demonstration of the helicopter Mi-171 took place at the air show in Farnborough in 1992 and aroused much interest among specialists. In September 1996, also in Farnborough, there was a gunship version of the helicopter,  Mi-171, demonstrated for the first time, a number of South-East Asia and North Africa countries immediately expressing their interest in buying it.The helicopter Mi-171 is a multifunctional helicopter being in operation worldwide. There may a number of versions created on the base of the Mi-171 helicopter: Passenger, Cargo, Search and rescue, Air ambulance, Firefighting,VIP, Troop-carrying. At present, Mi-171 helicopters are used in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa countries.

Dimensions (length/height/width),(m):
of the cabin5,34/1,8/2,34
diameter of the main rotor21,294
number of blades5-mr+3-tr
Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight13000
standard take-off weight11100
maximum load weight4000
full fuel load in main tanks,(l)1977
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)250
cruising speed,(km/h)230
maximum operational height,(m)6000
operational range,(km)610
ferry range,(km)1065