Mi-8 MTV


The construction of Mi-8MTV, in general, is similar to that of the Mi-8T helicopter. Installation of a more powerful engine, a new electric system and equipment made it possible not only to improve aircraft performance characteristics, but to expand areas of usage and regions of operation as well. Mi-8MTV has been designed with usage of a number of assemblies and systems of Mi-8T. The tail rotor has been moved to the left side. The cabin is suitable for transportation of passengers and cargo with the weight up to 4 tons. The external load is designated for transportation of cargo with the weight up to 5 tons. Inside the cargo cabin there may be a swinging and extensible boom winch installed for mechanization of handling operation with the weight up to 300 kg. The gear is fixed. Blades of the main and tail rotors are fitted out with electrothermal antiicing systems. Due to its construction and equipment, the helicopter can be operated under conditions of autonomous basing on unequipped sites.

Dimensions (length/height/width, m)
of the fuselage18,424/4,86/2,5
of the cabin5,34/2,25/1,8
Diameter of the main rotor, m21,3
number of blades5-mr+3-tr
Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight13000
standard take-off weight11100
maximum load weight4000
full fuel load in main tanks,(l)2615/4400
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)250
cruising speed,(km/h)230
climb rate,(m/s)9
static ceiling,(m)3980
maximum operational height,(m)6000
operational range,(km)620
maximum endurance4h 50 min