Mi-8T is a medium multi-purpose helicopter. Excellent reliability and flexibility in application made this aircraft one of the most widely used helicopters in the world. Its unique performance characteristics encouraged the further development of more than 100 different modifications. In the standard transport modification the helicopter can carry up to 22 passengers or a cargo load of up to 4 tons. The anti-icing system protects the rotor blades from freezing. The helicopter is fitted with an electric hoist capable of lifting up to 150 kg on board while hovering. The helicopter can be equipped with an external cargo sling system which can carry up to 3 tons of large-sized cargo. Due to its construction and equipment, Mi-8T is capable of being stationed in remote areas with limited facilities and lacking infrastructure.  

Dimensions (length/height/width),(m)
of the fuselage18,17/4,38/2,5
of the cabin5,34/2,25/1,8
Diameter of the main rotor, m21,29
number of blades5-mr+3-tr
Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight12000
standard take-off weight11000
maximum load weight4000/3000
full fuel load in main tanks,(l)2615/4400
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)250
cruising speed,(km/h)225
static ceiling,(m)850
maximum flight altitude,(m)6000
operational range,(km)480
maximum endurance4 h 20 min