Due to usage of the rigid main rotor, light helicopters BO-105 are characterized by high maneuverability. The construction: the helicopter is produced using a single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor, two gas turbine engines and skid landing gear. The fuselage is all-metal of the semi-monocoque type made of aluminium alloys. There is a cabin with two pilot and three passenger seats in the nose section. Behind the cabin, there is a cargo compartment and a loading hatch with swinging flaps. There may be two stretchers placed in the cabin and cargo compartment if rear seats are removed. The power unit consists of two turboprop gas turbine engines Allison (Rolls-Royce) 250-С20 B or С28С. The fuel system consists of the main and supply flexible fuel tanks with the total capacity of 580 l. There may be additional tanks installed. The standard equipment includes HF and VHF radio stations, devices for flight and engine operation, navigation control with the usage of a Doppler radar set, a stability augmentation system, a landing lamp.



Dimensions (length/height/width),(m):
of the cabin8,81/3/1,58
diameter of the main rotor9,84
number of blades4- mr + 2- tr
Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight2500
full fuel load in main tanks,(l)580
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)270
cruising speed,(km/h)245
maximum operational height,(m)3048 m
operational range,(km)555 km
ferry range,(km)990 km