Airbus helicopters H125 (previously named the AS350 B3e) is a light single-engine helicopter noted for excellent aircraft performance characteristics, flight safety and low operation costs. This model has been modernized for a long time and it is widely used for solution of various tasks. H125 is fitted out with a powerful engine and an engine digital control system (FADEC). The helicopter can carry a full revenue load at the height of 7,010 m and can perform flights under extreme conditions, particularly, in the highland and hot climate;it can be also used for cargo transportation. At the same time this fast and comfortable aircraft is suitable for corporate usage, as well for performance of aerial visual flights, pipe, power transmission lines monitoring, etc.


Dimensions (length/height/width),(m):
of the cabin2/1,65/1,3
Diameter of the main rotor10,69
Weights and loads (kg):
maximum take-off weight2250
base empty weight1200
full fuel load in main tanks,(l)426
Aircraft performance characteristics:
peak speed,(km/h)287
cruising speed,(km/h)235
maximum operational height,(m)6100