Robinson R-44

Robinson R44 is a multipurpose four-seat helicopter. It is noted for the interesting and dynamic design, can move at the maximum speed of over 240 km/h and can keep the course speed at about 220 km/h with the average fuel consumption of 57 l/h. Low noise and vibration level in the helicopter cabin makes the flight most comfortable. A highly lifted main rotor makes approach to the helicopter and landing on the unequipped site safer.This model can be widely used for performance of flights on routes with the distance of up to 650 km.The helicopter can be used for performance of passenger transportations (tourist routes), air photography, business trips. 
Diameter of the main rotor,(m)10,06
length of helicopter with rotating propellers,(m)11,67
EnginesLycoming O-540-F1B5
peak speed,(km/h)241
maximum operational height,(m)4270
ferry range,(km)650
maximum take-off weight,(kg)1089