Cargo Transportation

UTair - Helicopter Services has everything necessary for transportation of oversize cargo by heavy helicopters both on external sling and inside the cabin with the use of advanced technologies. For example, in 2004 an Mi-26 helicopter mounted its predecessor - an Mi-6 helicopter - on a pedestal as a monument near Surgut airport. In 2011 a Tu-134 airplane fuselage was carried on external sling to ATC test site in Surgut for police training. And if these flights were short in distance and duration, the next example tops all records in terms of range. In 2012 two fuselages of the same but inoperative Mi-26 helicopters were carried from Kazakhstan to the Novosibirsk aircraft overhaul facility. This operation is unique because of the distance of the ferry flight: nearly two thousand kilometers.
The Company employs the unique procedure for transportation of geological survey equipment which allows relocating a drilling team with drilling installation to any site required within the range of 100 km within thirty six hours. This allows the Customer to reduce the time for commissioning of oil rigs and expenses for their maintenance.

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